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Zachary Zebrowski zak.zebrowski at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 13:13:47 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have written a course which is available under the creative commons
license, called "Offensive, Defensive, and Forensic Techniques for
Determining Web User Identity​", which is available here:
http://opensecuritytraining.info/WebIdentity.html .  The course covers a
few topics.  The first topic is the characteristics of web connections.
The second topic looks at IP geolocation, which is where you have a
database of IP's and a corresponding location.  The third topic talks about
scripting techniques that further identify you as a user.  The fourth topic
is obfuscation techniques, which includes simple techniques (like borrowing
a neighbor's wifi connection) to harder techniques (which include tor).
Finally, the fifth topic is about internet forensics.  In addition to the
slides in various formats, there is also youtube videos of me teaching the
course as well.

At this point, the slides are slightly dated, as they were last updated in
2012, but they still contain good information.  Happy to answer any

Also, at http://opensecuritytraining.info contains (currently) 28 total
courses, all in the computer security realm.  The good @XenoKovah is behind
the website.

Zak Zebrowski
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