[tor-talk] torproject forum hosted by 3rd party?

mpan tor-1qnuaylp at mpan.pl
Mon Jan 17 14:09:45 UTC 2022

   There are two concerns I wish to address here. First is about the 3rd 
party hosting, the other is about a move to forum software in general.

   TPO is not hosted in organisation members’ basements. It’s already 
under control of other parties like Hetzner. Switching to Discourse is 
merely carving out a part of traffic and moving it to another entity. We 
may discuss whether diversifying operators is beneficial or detrimential 
for privacy, users’ freedoms, security and usability. We may argue if 
that particular operator is better or worse. But the third party harm 
argument is already moot: we are being passed through a 3rd party 
service right now and even your message is being conveyed to GMail.

   I am concerned about the move to a forum. I do see a value in 
increasing accessibility for the general population, while the ML is 
mostly dead and undermaintained, so the move seems reasonable. But 
that’s not the case for other MLs. Since Discourse already supports 
access over email, could it be possible to enable it for Tor Forums?

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