[tor-talk] Can I route web traffic through Tor followed by a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy?

matthewhtb at danwin1210.de matthewhtb at danwin1210.de
Mon Jan 10 11:27:08 UTC 2022


Is there a way to have HTTP(S) content run through Tor then through a
proxy (HTTPS or SOCKS). For example:

a) Run Tor (entry node, middle node, exit node).
b) In browser (TBB or any other browser) set the proxy settings to a HTTPS
or SOCKS proxy.
c) Connect to a site.

a) website records the IP of the proxy.
b) proxy owner records the IP of the exit node.

The purpose of this would be to push web traffic through Tor but have the
destination site record the IP of an anonymous but non-Tor IP.

Could torsocks (for example) be used?

Thank you.

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