[tor-talk] Orbot 16.5.1 BETA 2 and more....

Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Fri Jul 9 16:06:19 UTC 2021

Orbot 16.5.1-BETA-2 with tor is posted...


- tor now at with improved stability of new "in process" mode
- more tuning of snowflake support
- updated translations
- experimental: enable your device to be a snowflake proxy for others 
(at bottom of settings), optionally only when on wifi + charging



F-Droid: standby for the next repo build!


Orbot is now built upon the latest "in process" tor-android work done by 
Hans available at:


and https://gitlab.com/guardianproject/torservices/

This allows anyone to easily build in Tor to their app or to utilize the 
new "headless" TorServices app dependency.

All of the Pluggable Transport support is now done through tladesignz's 
(Benjamin E) IPtProxy:


This is a one-stop shop mobile optimized library for Android and iOS, 
that supports all current production PT's like Obfs4, Meek and 
Snowflake, built on the work done by the Tor Project anti-censorship team.


Happy weekend all.


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