[tor-talk] How does TBB manage downloaded files (e.g. PDFs)?

matthewhtb at danwin1210.me matthewhtb at danwin1210.me
Wed Aug 25 11:19:38 UTC 2021

I notice that when I open a PDF in TBB I can choose to open it in the Tor
browser (which is what I do).

I also notice that, on my Ubuntu system, this creates a directory called
/tmp/mozilla_mycomputerusername0 which contains the downloaded PDFs.

So "open in browser" actually involves a download to the /tmp directory.

The permissions of the PDFs are -r--------

I close TBB and the PDFs vanish while the directory remains.

I am wondering how the PDFs are removed. One of the attractive aspects of
TBB (IIRC) was that all cookies, temp files, etc, are securely removed.

Can I ask how the PDFs are deleted. Can the files be re-established
(undeleted) from the hard drive / SSD?

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