[tor-talk] tor as Onion Service (only) Wrote about "Requested exit point" in .log

Drew at FoundingDocuments.org Drew at FoundingDocuments.org
Fri Apr 30 23:16:08 UTC 2021

Why would tor running as an onion service write this to its log? 

Apr 29 02:06:22.000 [warn] {APP} Requested exit point ‘$1FINGER-PRINT-XYZ*’ is not known. Closing.

Among other stuff, the torrc contains: 

SOCKSPolicy reject *
SocksPort 0
ExitRelay 0 
ExitPolicy reject *:*  

In case it’s related, I see about an hour earlier there was a large number of dirservers that rejected an HS descriptor as invalid. In the past I’d seen a line or two or three of similar [warn] {REND} errors, but near the time below, there were 40 such lines. All within the span on one minute; 32 rejected in one second. I don’t think I’d seen that many at once before. 

Apr 29 00:50:25.000 [warn] {REND} Uploading hidden service descriptor: http status 400 ("Invalid HS descriptor. Rejected.") response from dirserver [IPv4**]:9001. Malformed hidden service descriptor?

FYI Currently I have about 15 v3.onion sites that are nearly entirely idle; they’re for my education as I learn more. I don’t do anything wild & crazy or try to break stuff; I’m just trying to wrap my head around a lot of things. 

On another tor instance, on the same machine, that hosts 4 v3.onion services, at that exact time there is just 1 of those [warn] {REND} lines. 

But what has me most puzzled is, why would tor that only runs onion services and rejects SOCKS input, be ~ “requesting an exit point.” 

(I’m guessing the reason for it being unknown is my local cache of tor network documents included a relay/exit node that had since been ejected from the tor network.)

* & ** removed.

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