[tor-talk] Wahay: Mumble + Onion Service

bo0od bo0od at riseup.net
Fri May 29 22:24:28 UTC 2020

Nice Tool, More good suggestions:

-A better start is to look into integrating it with debian official repos

- Create an AppImage for GNU/Linux distros (safer and faster than adding 
external repos)

- Fuck Windows and MacOS , support BSD and/or any free software OS 
(optional suggestion)

Thanks for the great work!

Rafael Bonifaz:
> Hello,
> My name is Rafael Bonifaz and I work at Centro de Autonomía Digital -
> CAD[1]. We are an organization based in Quito - Ecuador that creates
> FLOSS applications for online privacy and security.
> Our latest project is call Wahay that combines two great projects:
> Mumble and Tor. The user interface is similar to Zoom, where you can
> start a meeting or join a meeting.
> When you start a Wahay meeting, in the background it starts a Mumble
> server (Grumble) and publish it as a Onion Service. To join the meeting
> other people would copy the onion address into the Wahay client and in
> the background it would start a torify Mumble that would connect to the
> Onion Address. To simplify the audio configuration in Mumble it
> automatically starts in push to talk mode where you would use right
> control key to talk.
> The user experience is more like a Walkie Talkie than to a conventional
> VoIP conference application.  At the moment it is available for Linux
> and in the near future we plan to make it compatible versions for
> Windows and Mac. We have installation instructions for several Linux
> distributions[2].
> You should be able to join a Wahay meeting with a torify Mumble in any
> operating system.  There is work in progress in Mumla (Android Mumble
> client - Plumble fork) to make it friendly to join torify Mumble[3]. You
> might want to take a look to that nice project.
> Wahay is GPL v3 and you can find the code in Github[4].
> If you speak Spanish you could listen to how it works in this radio
> interview[5]. We used Wahay for a live interview and it worked pretty
> well :).
> Have a nice weekend and please if you have time help us test it.
> Best,
> Rafael
> [1] https://autonomia.digital
> [2]
> https://wahay.org/documentation/getting-started/installation/index.html
> and the webiste in general https://wahay.org
> [3] https://gitlab.com/quite/mumla/-/issues/3
> [4] https://github.com/digitalautonomy/wahay
> [5] https://archive.org/details/sonambules_wahay

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