[tor-talk] Tor Speculated Broken by FBI Etc - Freedom Hosting, MITTechReview - Magneto

Felix zwiebel at quantentunnel.de
Sun Feb 9 19:19:02 UTC 2020

Hi everybody

Am 2020-02-09 um 12:40 PM schrieb grarpamp:
> Given the variety of known weaknesses, exploits, categories
> of papers, and increasing research efforts against tor and
> overlay networks in general, and the large number of these
> "mystery gaps" type of articles (some court cases leaving hardly
> any other conclusion with fishy case secrecy, dismissals, etc)...
> the area of speculative brokeness and parallel construction
> seems to deserve serious investigative fact finding project of
> global case collation, interview, analysis to better characterize.
> Early on August 2 or 3, 2013, some of the users noticed “unknown
> Javascript” hidden in websites running on Freedom Hosting. Hours
> later, as panicked chatter about the new code began to spread, the
> sites all went down simultaneously. The code had attacked a Firefox
> vulnerability that could target and unmask Tor users—even those using
> it for legal purposes such as visiting Tor Mail—if they failed to
> update their software fast enough.
> While in control of Freedom Hosting, the agency then used malware that
> probably touched thousands of computers. The ACLU criticized the FBI
> for indiscriminately using the code like a “grenade.”
> The FBI had found a way to break Tor’s anonymity protections, but the
> technical details of how it happened remain a mystery.


A malicious route around Tor was/is solvable by keeping the system
updated or by the use of techniques like Whonix or Tails.

Cheers, Felix

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