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Pili Guerra pili at torproject.org
Fri Feb 7 09:06:31 UTC 2020

Hi Colin,

The link you are looking for is https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/faq#torrc <https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/faq#torrc>

Otherwise, depending on why you want to edit your torrc file, you can find information in different places. 

For example, if you want to do this to configure your relay, you can find a lot of information about this here: https://community.torproject.org/relay/setup/ <https://community.torproject.org/relay/setup/>

Otherwise if you want to run an onion service, you can find some information here: https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/setup/ <https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/setup/>

We do need a page for tor “power users” to find all of this information easily and we are currently thinking about the best way to do that, whether that is in the upcoming developer portal, a docs portal, or the existing support portal in its own dedicated section. 

I hope the above links help in the meantime.

Thank you for taking the time to report this.

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> On 5 Feb 2020, at 10:52, Colin Baxter <m43cap at yandex.com> wrote:
> Torrc gives the url https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq#torrc for
> information. This link is strictly dead with a re-direct to
> https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/faq. On the latter page, the faq
> 'I'm supposed to "edit my torrc".' is similarly dead, with the message
> "No such anchor". So where can I find info on torrc?
> Best wishes,
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> Colin Baxter
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