[tor-talk] Bridges and Tor Browser on macOS

Nathaniel Suchy me at lunorian.is
Thu Jul 19 15:14:13 UTC 2018


Obfuscating when I use the Tor Network and the Tor Browser Bundle is
important to me.

An ISP can easily pull the built in obfs4 bridges from the saved torrc file
after installing the Tor Browser Bundle. They can then determine any
connections to those IP Addresses are likely Tor traffic and treat the
traffic differently.

As such my first thought is to get bridges from
https://bridges.torproject.org/ however when I open up Tor Network settings
and add them (both OBFS4 and non-OBFS4) the Tor circuit won’t establish.

There is not a “problem” with the built in bridges other than a skilled
adversary knowing it’s Tor traffic which is something I would like to avoid
if possible.

I’m using the Tor Browser Bundle on macOS High Sierra if this information
helps with finding the problem.

What can I do to try and solve this problem?


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