[tor-talk] TBB-alpha doesn't update

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jan 25 13:22:00 UTC 2018

Andreas Krey:
> On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:40:00 +0000, Georg Koppen wrote:
> ...
>> Could you enable update logging (with `app.update.log` set to `true`)
>> and check the the browser console whether there is any error visible? If
>> so, what is it complaining about?
> Fresh install, no config change, except for the above (I still have
> the old install.exe).
> This is probably the interesting part - the beginning of the browser log
> after the restart:


> AUS:SVC readStatusFile - status: failed: 19, path: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\tba-test\Browser\TorBrowser\UpdateInfo\updates\0\update.status

I think this means CERT_VERIFY_ERROR both for your incremental and
stable update files. Now, the interesting question is how this can
happen because I just tested both 7.5a10 and older Tor Browser versions
both 32bit and 64bit on a Windows 7 machine and all of them can update
without issue to 8.0a1 (both with an incremental and a full update). Hrm.


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