[tor-talk] What The F - Tor Browser is not your privacy browser, Non-goal: PRIVACY

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 01:06:07 UTC 2018

>> Actually the brat is right in his tantrum. Tor Browser should not
>> even exist.
> Actually, that's not quite right. In an ideal world Tor browser (and
> Tor itself) should not /need/ to exist. Unfortunately we do not live in
> that ideal world.
>> But thanks to venerable gurus, like Vint Cerf, Richard Stallman, Tim
>> Berners Lee and other old white men, the net today is the heaven for
>> surveillance. I am not arguing for the conspiracy. Just little minds
>> generating little thoughts.
> Those "old white men" did the job they were supposed to do at the time
> they were supposed to do it. And in this (old, white) man's view they
> did a pretty good job. But as I say, unfortunately the world is not the
> same now. I'd guess that if packet switched networking were being
> invented now we might be seeing a rather different beast to the IP
> stack we currently all know and love. :-)

It would be an even more centralized nasty beast than it is today.
Neither beast anyone has yet routed around by building out properly
decentralized neighbor-to-neighbor p2p guerrilla networks.
Fiber / copper / WiFi, shovels / ladders, opensource routing devices,
beer with your neighbors and their neighbors... all inexpensive,
needed and competitive.

Curious that cryptocurrency is much farther ahead in global
deployment against the beasts than guerrilla nets, whose basic
concepts... connecting cables and routing packets... were all well
commoditized and deployable by independants / communities
a decade earlier.

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