[tor-talk] Hidden Service forum for Annonimity an Privacy support

Zzzzz zzzzz at firemail.cc
Wed Jan 10 01:56:00 UTC 2018


Sorry for my bad English. We live in a country somewhere and teach (and
learn)  how to use secure tools in events like Cryptoparties. However we
have the feeling that there is not a good online community support. Some
groups use stuff like Signal, WhatsApp to keep in touch where you need
to use real cellphone number, with no anonimity.

So we have this idea of building an online forum hosted on an onion
service where you newbies can ask questions in anonymous way. So when
you teach someone about online privacy and anonymity tools and they
have, at least, a Tor Browser and bookmarked the onion address there
would be a place where they can ask questions without revealing their

I write this email because there might be people that have done
something similar. So we have some ideas and would like to have comments
from you guys.

We think there should be a minimum set of rules or guidelines:
 - Stay on topic.
 - Be nice with others
 - Do not use your realname (we should remain anonymous)

 - What about moderation for those who not respect this (or the
guidelines we decide to use to join the community).
	- For instance: someone wants to buy drugs and decide to use the forum
to ask the question in anonymouse way. We don't have problem with that,
but this is not the purpose of the forum.
	- Someone post personal info about someone. Should we delete that? How
to decide what should be deleted and what not?
	Does doing the moderation should use real names we should stay anonymous?

 - There should be no need to register to make a question, however we
believe we should encourage people to open anonymous mails to have an
account (maybe no need for email I guess it depends on forum software)
 - We also believe that this is an opportunity to learn how to use
pseudonymous and have alternative identities not tight to our real life.
To many intelligence agency and corporations getting in our lives.

 - Any recommendation for forum software? We where thinking something
like discourse (https://www.discourse.org/) Any recommendation?

 - Should those behind the platform should remain anonymous or should
reveal their identity? We live in 'democratic' countries where online
anonymity is not well understand, but is not illegal. Might not be like
this in the future and governments are starting to attack online anonymity.
 - We want to make a friendly 'dark web', so that we can show that even
do anonymity can be abuse, it is important for a free society.

Thank You!

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