[tor-talk] torified nodejs: server crashes

Konstantin Rybakov viocost at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 18:58:53 UTC 2018

Dear developers,

I am trying to develop a simple networking application based on node.js 
'net'  library. Server supposed to run in torified environment.

My setup is linux Ubuntu 16.04.

intalled tor and torsocks. Torsocks allows inbound connection and 
outbound on localhost.

nodejs app is basically a minimal tcp server based on 'net' library. I 
run it like this: torsocks nodejs app.js, while tor process is also 

The server starts, but when client connects - it crashes with seg fault.

When I run the same node.js server in regular shell without torsocks, 
but when tor is running - it works fine

So far I tried plain C and python servers - they both worked in torified 
shell, but node.js failing.

Is there a way to make nodejs working under torsocks? What could be the 

Thanks you very much!

Warm regards,
Konstantin Rybakov

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