[tor-talk] Announcing unMessage: a Next-Gen Tor Messenger

bancfc at openmailbox.org bancfc at openmailbox.org
Tue Feb 21 17:16:14 UTC 2017

unMessage is an anonymous messenger that uses Tor to hide metadata of 
participants. Its still in early development, however a major new 
feature such as Tor-to-Tor audio chat (the first such implementation we 
are aware of) has been included. Major additions like file-sharing 
support, video conferencing and a portable code-base for mobile 
platforms are planned.

Their major goal is to provide a better UX and a competitive feature set 
to move users away from proprietary solutions that don't respect 
privacy. Its not ready for mass adoption yet, so only the more technical 
audience among you should go ahead try it out. Feedback and/or pull 
requests are highly appreciated.

Check it out on Github:


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