[tor-talk] Teaching people to use Tor

m.ajiao at tuta.io m.ajiao at tuta.io
Tue Feb 7 18:08:21 UTC 2017

From: m.ajiao at tuta.io
To: flipchan at riseup.net
Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Teaching people to use Tor

I think both. There is poor documentation translation, poor UI translation and sometimes there are glitches of handling Chinese file names.

Many Chinese people don't read English fluently. I saw the newish ZeroNet has very good documentation translation done by its volunteer users [1], has very simple and beautiful UI, and has attracted a lot of Chinese people. [2] Unfortunately ZeroNet is not primarily for secret communications. (No private sites.) [3]

[1] https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet/blob/master/README-zh-cn.md
[2] https://bit.no.com:43110/Me.ZeroNetwork.bit
[3] https://zeronet.readthedocs.io/en/latest/faq/#is-zeronet-anonymous

> 7. Feb 2017 by > flipchan at riseup.net> :
>> Hi m ajiao, would You say that the biggest problem is in the technical or that there is very poor documentation that works for chinese People?

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