[tor-talk] Another issue "never remember history" at Tor browser setting didn't last for actualisation

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Tue Nov 29 20:15:25 UTC 2016

On 11/29/2016 1:00 PM, tortalk at arcor.de wrote:
>> It doesn't show "Clear history when TBB closes," because there is no history saved after a session in private browsing.
> Yes, but sometimes you want to clear the cache and cookies during a session without closing the Tor Browser.
> Just as if you don't trust the browser doing that automatically.
You can still do that - easily.  From browser Customize menu, drag the 
"history" icon to the navigation toolbar - where NoScript & any default 
addon icons may appear.  Not all show an icon by default.  Exit Customize.
To clear history, click the toolbar icon, then "clear recent history."  
Note:  shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del also brings up same clear history UI.

A window should pop up - you can decide which items to clear by checking 
/ unchecking boxes.  The selections of what to clear may? be saved over 
If you want all history cleared immediately, choose "Everything" for 
time period.  Or another time period.
Of course, TBB doesn't retain any history after sessions or getting new 

TBB & any program deleting history or files this way isn't the same as 
securely erasing or "wiping" them.  They can still be recovered, until 
the area that data occupied on a disk is over written.  By anyone w/ 
local access to a device, or possibly remotely by advanced adversaries 
that manage to get proper programs loaded on a device w/o owners' 
knowledge.  Not a common occurrence, but theoretically not impossible.

The only way I know to securely remove files, data that were just 
"deleted" from browsers, email clients is to wipe or over write "free 
space" on the partition where the deleted files were located. A few 
programs offer secure erasing of data that you're about to delete, but 
not many.
> NoScript
>> The rest I had a hard time following.  Are you saying that NoScript - or
>> something - is preventing using searches - especially in private browsing?
> That was my point. There was no search after the first possible; annoying NoScript-Cross-Scripting notices with every search after the first. After deleting the XSS-box content and pasting the ticket-mentioned lines into it the Tor Browser worked fine again with every search engine.
I didn't experience any search engine issues with NS, for some reason.  
Maybe it only occurred in NS v2.9.5.1, which I never updated.   Anyway, 
Trac ticket #20752 says the issue is fixed in NS  

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