[tor-talk] Could Tor be used for health informatics?

Spencer spencerone at openmailbox.org
Tue May 31 03:19:35 UTC 2016


>>> Paul Templeton:
>>> peer to peer data exchange system controlled
>>> by the consumer via public keys & .onion addresses.


>>> Practitioner DB would have permissions to
>>> access data based on customer request.

Flip this ^

People share health information with practitioners; this can exist in 
many forms, e.g., a push of selected info from patient to practitioner 
that dies after set time.

Think inspector gadget.

Practitioner only gets temporary/limited privileges (:

>> Seth David Schoen:
>> crypto

Is needed to protect against intruders, which is outside much of the 
potential user-base context.

However, https is still a use-case to be designed for, as the .onion 
experience needs some more tlc.

Tor Browser and some OpenPGP keys may be enough.

P2P cuts out the potentially malicious middlemen, though.

>> location anonymity

Is relevant for domestic issues that overlap with healthcare.

>> latency

Can be justified with education as the main trade-off, and is next to 
non-existent in the locations with large population clusters, especially 
here in the .kr (:

> Nathan Freitas:
> operational security outweighs crypto


> https://github.com/n8fr8/talks/blob/master/onion_things/Internet%20of%20Onion%20Things.pdf



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