[tor-talk] Which reputable webmail providers function well with Tor?

mrnobody at mail-on.us mrnobody at mail-on.us
Thu May 26 06:29:52 UTC 2016

VFEMail login works, the problem is that their free tier mail sometimes
observes massive delays in delivery. They even have a hidden service to
check your mail in the browser.

blobby at openmailbox.org:
> Can anyone suggest a reputable webmail provider that is not totally
> anti-Tor.
> Cock.li and Sigaint and Unseen.is and Mail2Tor are out as the names
> look weird to "normal" people.
> Ruggedinbox is unreliable as the site is often down. VFEmail used to
> work but I can't seem to sign-up now.
> ProtonMail demands SMS validation.
> Tutanota seems OK but on this list a poster said that they closed his
> accounts down for no reason.
> RiseUp requires an invitation.

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