[tor-talk] Tor Sensorship

Chris tmail299 at errtech.com
Thu May 26 01:12:39 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-25 07:39 PM, Justin wrote:
> Are they using DPI?  If so, what company sold them the filter?

Let me clarify that. I only attempted to access the Tor project web site 
and it was blocked.

>> On May 25, 2016, at 5:55 PM, Chris <tmail299 at errtech.com> wrote:
>>> I was wondering does anyone have a list of countries that are
>>> currently blocking Tor?
>>> I know China, Ethiopia, Iran are doing it but I think I may have
>>> missed one or two others.
>> I know the courthouse in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA is censoring Tor, 
>> and other civil rights web sites, humorously.
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