[tor-talk] OT: Bitmessage

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Thu May 12 19:05:51 UTC 2016

On 01/29/2016 05:05, anonymous coward wrote:
> what do you think about Bitmessage?
> Could it be, Bitmessage gives you some anonymity even without using TOR
> due to the way it works?
> Couldn´t TOR be extended in a way to work like Bitmessage?
> I guess BM is like a mesh or P2P thing, wouldn´t adding such a
> technology enhance TOR?

Bitmessage recently had the new release 0.6. The hidden service support 
will be added in one of the next releases. Currently it can work through 
tor using a proxy.

Given there are a lot of users in the network, bitmessage hides both the 
content and the fact of communication, quite similar to tor.


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