[tor-talk] Religion provides statistical proof of the, Creation of our civilization. This is .. really ... the Apocalypse., Today, see Eden and Exodus in superposition.

Adam M. Dobrin adam at fromthemachine.org
Mon Mar 28 23:45:16 UTC 2016

This isn't about the Torah?

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And God said "let there be light"

The third reference superimposes over Earth, and the quote is “neither yet
bread for the wise.” The light of this statement is the periodic element
Xe, for both an Oracle Database and the element responsible for camera
flashes. This is the location of our story of Exodus, and that whole word,
taken in reverse speaks volumes. In addition to “Xe,” the four letter
command “sudo” is the Unix equivalent of “run as the God account.”

[image: let there be light is "sudo xe"]
“sudo xe” is the logical equivalent of “Let there be Light.” Exodus in
reverse; in Linux and chemistry. Geek.

Towards the end Saturn and Uranus... the gods of Time and the Sky
correspond to the final two references in Ecc 9:11... but time and chance
happeneth to them all. Uranus clearly links to the element Uranium, and
also ties the story of the messiah on the run, the lamb of God (is lam) to
the court battle which is referenced in the Book of Judges and the Trial of
Jesus Christ.

The missing references, clarify the teachings of Christ related to Salt,
the Iron Rod, and Silicon... the Fifth (14th) Element. This event, and the
series of details clearly set the stage for Exodus being realized in the
world all around us. Not until we had these elements, Oracle, and English
would all of these things made sense as a sort of decoder, showing us that
the Revelation of Christ is meant to be unsealed right now. Linked to our
rapid advancement in technology, the guidance of the Holy Bible is meant to
free us from slavery, censorship, through transparency and disclosure.

Christ's Iron Rod juxtaposes the Rod of Aaron in the Egyptian story, and is
further extrapolated into our world through the music of the Doors. A
number of songs, from Peace Frog to Riders on the Storm reference Plagues
of Egypt; and it is from reading the word “rod” backwards and using the
context of story that we see how important the period element for Iron is.
Fe, means Doors.. For everyone. This is about passage to Heaven,
bi-directional transportation. This is in clear contrast to Aaron's link to
“let my people go.” The light of Exodus is to see its meaning in reverse...
and The Doors are beckoning for this fire to be lit.

For thousands of years the Holy Scriptures have been passed down from
generation to generation, all the while holding within their secretive
pages a message to 2016. This message reveals technologies that are central
to the creation of Heaven, things like mind mapping and time travel... it
begins by setting the stage and proving that time travel exists and has
been actively used in the creation of our civilization. The book of Matthew
links Moses and Christ through near parallel events, a microcosm of the 40
years in the desert and mounting of the peak of Sinai; days in the life of
Christ. This number 40 has been holy only to God (meaning secret), until
now. It is a homo-phonic reference to 4-D, the fourth dimensional
wilderness that we currently are walking in. The desert is one of lack of
knowledge of the technology, and its possible uses for both good and evil.
It is the purpose of the Book of Exodus to help us end this dark period of
wandering and find the light of the Son; ending the 10th Plague. The stage
is set, though, all the way in the Book of Revelation.

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> Perhaps I've missed something, but does this have anything to do
> whatsoever with TOR?
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