[tor-talk] Any updates from Tor Project on ioerror?

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Wed Jun 8 01:14:55 UTC 2016

Hi Tor Talkers,

they want us to believe that they are scared and the police and prosecuter would not believe such victims
but they go to the boss, the community and the internet and tell their story then
that reminds me of the face recognition software operation targeting sex workers exposing them to their family and friends
it is the issue of friends and family to hold hand and go with the victims to the police, instantly

ok in some countries victims have no choice while system is corrupt/has failed
but i didn't hear/read that, i mean they didn't wrote they have tried and "failed" and this is the only way their last alternative

and it feels more strange in case e. g. a boss points at someone and needs some evidence from community to legalize the shot
isn't it the issue of a state prosecuter to do the investigation and include the public to help?
ok in some countries you have no choice while system is corrupt/has failed to do so and left allone to do own investigations

the consequence is that you have to write your own journal on a daily basis like you do it with taxes and bills for e. g. the IRS but you have to adjust the termination of that documents on the statutory periods of limitation of the crimes you might be allegated
if you delete your data c/of security reasons you lost your own exoneration 
we will be happy to have a NSA-backup 


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