[tor-talk] OFTC and Tor

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Mon Jan 4 01:22:33 UTC 2016

Spencer wrote:
>> Patrick Schleizer:
>> What are your experiences with OFTC and Tor blocking recently?
> The exchange is from early October after a few months of the same -
> but only through browsers; clients seem to work fine.

   OFTC has been consistently blocking exits and limiting the number of 
users per IP for non-blocked exits.  As a result, I'm almost never on 
IRC anymore.  It's tempting to say "and nothing of value was lost" ;-) 
but actually it just increases my email volume and I'm slightly more out 
of the loop ;-(  Quassel is a decent option, but that's naturally just 
one hop and not as robust as going through Tor.

   I'd strongly prefer if Tor (and similar projects) ran their own IRC 
networks with IP cloaking on by default.  This would make it easier for 
average users, who likely don't know anything about registering a nick / 
logging in / setting cloak preferences.  It would also make it easier 
for people using Tor Messenger who might not understand why they can't 
use Tor to visit the #tor channels consistently.


“I did then what I knew then, & when I knew better, I did better.”
― Maya Angelou

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