[tor-talk] privacy of hidden services

Aeris aeris+tor at imirhil.fr
Wed Dec 21 18:37:13 UTC 2016

> Would anyone outside of myself and those two
> people be able to determine the onion address

Yes. Your onion address is published on a DHT, hosted accross all nodes with 
HSDir flag. Some bad behaviouring relays try to enumerate all onion addresses 
by massive HSDir node creation to fetch different part of the DHT each time.

> or monitor activity related to the hidden service such as HS descriptor 
uploads and downloads from directory servers, or connection attempts via
> introduction or rendezvous points? 

Yes too. HSDir node and rendez-vous points can monitor HS usage, because 
HSDir/RdVPoint usage for a single HS is correlated to this HS usage.

> Would it make a difference if the hidden service used basic or stealth 

AFAIK, no. Auth for a HS is only to forbid unallowed client to connect to it, 
but doesn't change the way HSDir and RdVPoint are handled.

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