[tor-talk] do Cloudfare captchas ever work?

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Tue Jun 23 18:38:02 UTC 2015

On 6/23/2015 4:04 AM, kleft wrote:
>> mansour moufid wrote:
>> "Sometimes I wonder if it's really Cloudflare, or some bad exit node
>> running a CAPTCHA solving business."
>> Mansour, to what end would they run a captcha solving business?
>> If they were, I don't understand how they'd benefit.
> It's useful for automated downloads eg with an uploaded.to free-accounts. (This is the only website I remember right now, but there are many other services require the user to enter captchas to get some content.)
OK, but how is that a "business" for an exit relay?  Business implies 
profit or gaining some benefit.
You're saying that some exit relay operator would form business 
partnerships with sites, to provide captcha services?
Wouldn't that be detectable to the Tor Project - or not?
Does it make sense that an operator would limit their captcha service 
(for sale), to sites - only if site users / customers came thru the few 
relays they control?  Not much of a market.
Isn't that like Cloudfare only offering their services to a few sites 
out of the entire web?

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