[tor-talk] Hidden Service Scaling Summer of Privacy Project

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Mon Jun 15 22:47:28 UTC 2015

On 15 Jun (18:28:42), Allen wrote:
> Hi Donncha,
> One thing I think I'm seeing is that if I restart the tor process on a hidden server, it chooses new introduction points and any clients that have a cached service descriptor cannot access the hidden service until the cached descriptor expires.  This leads to an apparent service outage for those clients.
> Does that correspond to what other people see when operating hidden services?

FYI, we just discovered that this morning:


This has been flagged as a major issue so we hope to resolve this asap.


> If that is the problem, the solution might be either that the tor proxy client immediately expires a cached hidden service descriptor after failing to reach the service, or that the tor process on the hidden server remembers its introduction points so it can pick them back up when it restarts.
> Thanks,
> Allen
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