[tor-talk] Invaded by disconnect.me

spencerone at openmailbox.org spencerone at openmailbox.org
Mon Jun 1 09:08:25 UTC 2015


> gary02121993:
> Oh man this sucks! Why isn't StartPage the default search engine 
> anyway?
> Can someone link me the back story?
> Thanks!

You might find value in this:

>>>> intrigeri:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> we're in the process of upgrading Tor Browser to 4.5 in Tails, and
>>>> I noticed the migration to Disconnect Search as the default search
>>>> engine. That's the kind of changes that we often have to justify in
>>>> face of users and auditors, but I wasn't able to find the rationale
>>>> behind this decision on the corresponding ticket.
>>>> I see the release announcement says:
>>>> "Disconnect provides private Google search results to Tor users
>>>> without Captchas or bans."
>>> Georg:
>>> Startpage was not happy with our traffic and showed sometimes
>>> CAPTCHAs. Disconnect on the other hand approached us with respect to
>>> search engine traffic and donated some money.
>> intrigeri:
>> So, just to clarify: is that the entire rationale behind this move?
> Georg:
> Yes, although the donated money does not really count here. That did 
> not
> influence the decision but I figured it might be good to add this 
> anyway
> for transparency reasons.


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