[tor-talk] Historically speaking, what was the U.S. navy /military

Alexandre Guillioud guillioud.alexandre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 11:19:26 UTC 2015

To Zenaan :

I havn't enough grasp on english language (i have a hell of time to debunk
sarcastics comment in my own language, let alone english) to determine if
you are backing me or are pushing me into the cliff.

Anyway, I back you on your description of the situation. A few 'genuine
members' (everyone in here is tor dev ?) are slowing down tor development,
by making the possibility of a move out of sight.

Friend ! \o/

Isn't out there tor forks with enough peers ?

Le jeudi 30 juillet 2015, Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> a écrit :

> On 7/30/15, Alexandre Guillioud <guillioud.alexandre at gmail.com
> <javascript:;>> wrote:
> > Guy, this could be reversed.
> > Tor has limitations ? Make a pretty infographics on the subject and move
> > on.
> > It's not by using these kind of "epistomologique" principle that you'll
> > educate the mass.
> >
> > My point is you are putting your head into the oven by doing what you do
> :
> > you don't want to teach, you want to impress with pretty words.
> >
> > My question was, what do you mean by controlled opposition ?
> > Answer you gived me was "there is no proof but you know, i'm sure they
> are
> > doing it ! Follow me, trust me, i said it".
> Easy words definitely +1.
> My take on 'controlled opposition' is that TOR effectively collects
> most/ many of the "Snowden's" of the world who might be considered
> "USA opposition". By collecting them onto one network, the "important
> targets", although mixed with not important targets, are collected
> into one technology and therefore much easier to identify - correlate
> TOR users with ISP sign up accounts.
> Years ago a friend coined the term the FOG - the False Oppositional
> Group. In many cases of community issues here in Australia, one or two
> people "offer" to "lead" a committee to "fix the community problem",
> and we have seen time after time, these self-proclaimed leaders get
> the large initial group on a tread mill of ineffective tasks and
> activities - like writing letters to parliament, like walking down the
> main street of their local town, like ringing the radio station, and
> endless more tasks which achieve absolutely nothing.
> This FOG committee then also belittles ideas which might have traction
> (e.g. class action lawsuit, civil disobedience) telling their group
> "oh that can't work" and similar. Over time, the people in the
> community who are active (but ineffective direction activity set by
> "saviour" committee) initially, die away (leave the group, stop
> participating), since no progress is ever made.
> This is extremely effective tactic by e.g. developers who want to
> develop seaside foreshore multi billion $ developments, significantly
> blocking the surrounding property owner's significant sea views. In
> three years, 500 people is reduced to about 5 "hard core" genuine
> people, by the 5 "False Oppositional Group" committee members. More
> details available but already probably too much.
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