[tor-talk] Historically speaking, what was the U.S. navy /military

Alexandre Guillioud guillioud.alexandre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 00:14:01 UTC 2015

Lara, i'm basically on your side on this debate. If you want to troll on
two weird sentences, ignoring most of my message, go on 9gag.

Le jeudi 30 juillet 2015, Lara <lara.tor at emails.veryspeedy.net> a écrit :

> Alexandre Guillioud:
> > People which need tor for security, anonymity, can and will inform
> > themselves.. If they don't, they risk exactly what they were risking
> > withiut it.
> But if that's so, than the sky is not falling. Won't Jeebus come on and
> stain his white cloud?
> I bet in the next post you're going to say Terminator 2 is just a script.
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