[tor-talk] Historically speaking, what was the U.S. navy /military

Lara lara.tor at emails.veryspeedy.net
Wed Jul 29 12:44:57 UTC 2015

Virgil Griffith:
> But what was the Navy/military originally hoping to use Tor-related
> protocols for? It's unclear to me what their historical motivations were.

Because they are servants of a reptilian specie of aliens, they are
following their masters' plan. They need to spy on *you*. Because *you*
are the key to this Armageddon. And, as you already know, they plan to
exterminate the population by making it grow. And by giving little
children ADHD through vaccines. When there is going to be no one, they
are going to enslave humanity for the rest of the Eternity. That is when
Jesus is coming back with Allah. Or coming on Allah's back. I keep
forgetting this one.

And now WE know you are on Tor and we can better track you. The best
thing you can do is go to the designated police station and give
yourself up.

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