[tor-talk] evidence that Tor isn't "amoral"?

I beatthebastards at inbox.com
Mon Jul 13 15:12:32 UTC 2015

I don't want to read such blather here.

This list is for tor talk.


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> I must admit, I have never ever stumbled upon a single picture of child
> porn in my entire life, although I frequent imageboards and onion
> services. I have seen snuff, zoophilia and furry porn, but no porn of
> clearly underage persons. I would even go as far as saying there never
> was any child porn on the internet and it's all a hoax to push internet
> censorship.
> Not tolerating pedophilia doesn't make you a SJW, pedophilia is on the
> SJW agenda: first we got transgender acceptance, then we got obesity
> acceptance, next will be zoophilia acceptance and pedophilia acceptance.
> While homosexual marriage had legitimate roots in biology and sociology,
> all other points are just plain mental diseases and accepting them does
> more harm than good.
> Speak Freely wrote:
>> Here is something else that popped up on twitter a couple of days ago...
>> It's about a pedophile talking about his experience using Tor to surf
>> for kiddie porn.
>> https://np.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/3cpu43/a_pedophiles_statement_about_the_recent_cp/
>> Warning: Some of the commenters try to legitimize what they do, using
>> medical sounding terms to explain their 'condition.' As I have no
>> tolerance for it, I skipped much of their rhetoric. No, it doesn't make
>> me a SJW. It makes me not a fucking pervert.
>> But, if you're interested in knowing about the darker side of things...
>> Click away. It puts a perspective on their... existence that MSM and
>> 'normal people' don't see/hear about.
>> Matt
>> Speak Freely
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