[tor-talk] evidence that Tor isn't "amoral"?

Nick Econopouly nickeconopouly at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 19:06:44 UTC 2015

Another thing that you could add is statistics about the WWW, for
instance the incredible amount of porn on the clearnet. There is also
child sexual abuse documentation (call is anything but child porn, because
it isn't), drug sites, hate group sites and plenty of other nasty stuff
that can be(and is) accessed without tor.
Although it might not be possible to prove what percentage of non-onion
tor traffic goes where, I think it would be easy to find proof that, for
instance, MOST porn traffic comes from non-tor users

Also, yeah amoral pretty much means 'without morals', which is exactly
what tor is. or 'without imposing morals'

Also that sort of is what watching porn is for most people, they are just
meeting a need without thinking about the consequences of the demand
they are creating. Although I would say this doesn't apply to content
that is clearly harming someone...


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