[tor-talk] help needed to stress-test an onionbalanced HS - everyone is invited

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Wed Jul 1 18:45:08 UTC 2015

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Following the alpha release of OnionBlanace, I played with it today.
It is easy to install and use, no advanced skills required. I will try
to write tutorials and publish them, but it's pretty easy, basically
it's just editing few config files. The existing documentation is neat
and easy to understand.

Using OnionBalance 0.1.1 Alpha and Tor, I have
configured a hidden service (web site) running OnionBalance with 5
failback servers (different Tor processes, different servers, etc.).

What I want is to stress test it, and see how does OnionBalance spread
the load between the failback servers (will count the hits on each
server and make an average, see how they are rotated).

For anyone who wants to help, please request/load the hidden service
as much as possible and spread it around. For users who can, it might
be helpful to add a cronjob under an unprivileged user to fetch the
page via torified wget and send it to > dev/null or automate the
process by other means. Simply stress test this hidden service like
you hate it ;)

The page is just some random generated text, plain static html (no
javascript, no flash, other naughty stuff) and it's about 140KB.


The OnionBalance hidden service will stay up for 15 days. During this
time I will analyze the logs and count the hits on each server. I
don't see what else I can count besides page hits - any other
application optimizations behind a hidden service are not related to
Tor. Results will be made public on the mail list. Hope this will help
us understand better hidden service scalability and implement prop 224
in the best possible way, considering all aspects.

Counting starts July 1st 2015 18:00 UTC.

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