[tor-talk] Facebook Onion Site: Impending Works

Alec Muffett alecm at fb.com
Wed Feb 4 11:23:29 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Apologies for mailshotting the list but it seems the most effective way to share this information.

We’ve been busy here in Facebook's Security Infrastructure team, and my colleague Michal Nanasi has been building additions to the Facebook Onion Site.

We intend to test some of the additions later this afternoon (London time).

Specifically, we will be testing some experimental code to support both “www-” and “m-site” onion addresses, which will bring to Tor the “mobile” Facebook website as described in the original announcement:


…and thus (eventually) provide a “Javascript-not-required” means to access Facebook via an Onion Site.

There may be some disturbance to pre-existing Onion Site connections during this time.

We’ll post a status update as a comment at the above URL, after the tests are finished.

Many thanks!

Alec Muffett
Software Engineer
Security Infrastructure
Facebook Engineering, London

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