[tor-talk] Tor is released

Oskar Wendel o.wendel at wp.pl
Sat Dec 12 15:58:48 UTC 2015

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nusenu <nusenu at openmailbox.org>:

> the changelog says "bugfix on" which means all tor
> releases since  and released before 2015-12-10 are affected.


I'm just wondering if users that rely on maximum anonymity should switch 
to, given it is still an unstable branch.

> but most ordinary users will probably (and should) just use torbrowser
> and the tor version that comes with it (so we might see an update there
> soon?)

I don't want to use torbrowser because of three things.

1. As I understand, torbrowser allows only browsing the web. I use tor 
mainly with protocols different than http.

2. I have a tor node constantly in network, which is better both for the 
network and for me, as I believe that there might be greater risk of 
deanonymization by correlating when the node is up and when my network 
activity takes place.

3. I have tor on one machine and all stuff that uses it on another 
machine. Tor machine obviously has access to the Internet, while this 
"user" machine has access only to the tor machine with a dedicated 
interface. Access to anything other than tor socks port is externally 
blocked. This way, even if some bug in browser (or any other program that 
I use with tor) causes it to leak anything, I can be pretty sure that my 
external IP address will never be exposed. This approach is similar to the 
Tails approach.

> If you want to read more about directory guards (compared to an entry
> guards):

Thanks, I will read it.

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