[tor-talk] M.Hearn adds privacy depriority to Bitcoin XT, calls your Tor/Proxy/etc use "unimportant"

spencerone at openmailbox.org spencerone at openmailbox.org
Thu Aug 20 04:45:52 UTC 2015

> grarpamp:
> http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-August/010379.html
> https://github.com/bitcoinxt/bitcoinxt/commit/73c9efe74c5cc8faea9c2b2c785a2f5b68aa4c23
> Bitcoin XT contains an unmentioned addition which periodically 
> downloads
> lists of Tor IP addresses for blacklisting, this has considerable 
> privacy
> implications for hapless users which are being prompted to use the
> software. The feature is not clearly described, is enabled by default,
> and has a switch name which intentionally downplays what it is doing
> (disableipprio). Furthermore these claimed anti-DoS measures are
> trivially bypassed and so offer absolutely no protection whatsoever.

Damn 75%ers!


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