[tor-talk] Tor browser won't become the standard one...

kleft at riseup.net kleft at riseup.net
Tue Aug 18 06:55:26 UTC 2015

Hey Wim,

Did you tried selecting TBBs firefox.exe manually via 'Open with' while right-clicking an html file?
Works like a charm on my 7x64



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> Am 18.08.2015 um 07:23 schrieb Wim Van Loock <wim.van.loock at telenet.be>:
> Hi,
> I just entered the Tor-community and can’t set the Tor-browser
> as standard. I tried it by using the settings within the browser and also
> with the Windows(10) function to assign certain apps to browse or whatever.
> In the list provided by W10 are only Chrome(which I normally use), IE and Edge.
> I noticed that your browser is recognized as Firefox by Google. Can there be a
> conflict? Must I install Firefox to get it in that list?
> Thanks in advance for any reply.
> Greetings from Belgium!
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