[tor-talk] Crowdsourcing Tor Guides

Thomas White thomaswhite at riseup.net
Mon Aug 10 21:31:08 UTC 2015

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As part of a project I am currently working on, I'm in need of a few
guides and ideas. I'm aware Tor has some pages for an idea like this
already, but me and a few others are going to be putting online a
small site dedicated to Tor usage and will convey, in as simple as
possible terms, how to put as many applications as possible through Tor.

The audience for something like this by the very nature of it, are
going to be non-technically minded folk, so transparent-proxying etc
is not the aim, nor at high-risk or life threatening situations
(plenty of disclaimers shall be present to highlight the risks of
misunderstanding this point). I am hoping to encourage more people who
have no real need for Tor, to start using it for the mundane stuff
like checking emails, chatting etc, and so push tor into wider
adoption (other technology like GPG, OTR etc will be covered too).
This of course might get people more interested in Tor, but also
provides security to the many users of Tor whom depend on it for their
lives. Who knows, some might even end up as relay operators one day.

If anyone has any links to good guides on using Tor with common
applications, do send them over to me off the email list. The existing
good guides I might be able to republish with permission in a nice,
easy to use central resource, or if I cannot directly republish I can
certainly write my own version for it. Outdated ones can then also be
updated, and add a place for people to request guides for applications
or uses not already covered. If you'd like to contribute to the
project, feel free to message me about what you'd be interest in
assisting with (contributions/corrections/updates to guides, or even
just a story about how you use Tor in your life personal or
professional, is greatly appreciated!).

Gathering the grassroots support of the wider population not only
helps Tor, but is the key to educating everyone on matters on privacy
and surveillance.

Thomas White
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