[tor-talk] Problem with where hidden_services able to be placed/permissions.

MaQ shark at canaglie.org
Mon Aug 10 20:49:31 UTC 2015

I tried a couple of things.

Gave complete permissions to user at
/var/lib/tor/hidden_services/hostname recursively AND

set-up a directory in user's Documents folder.

In both instances Tor would not make a connection. Had to revert all
settings back to only allowing files to be placed with root restrictions
in /var/lib/tor/ (torrc was correctly set to best of knowledge in both

I'm using Debian, Tor was installed from apt repositories using
instructions from torproject.org, with adding line to sources.list and
keyring, etc.

Need user to have access to hostname file.

Did read something about differences in privileges depending if using
apt or downloading tarball?

What is solution?

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