[tor-talk] A new major version of GlobaLeaks has been released

Giovanni Pellerano giovanni.pellerano at evilaliv3.org
Fri Apr 10 13:09:45 UTC 2015

Dear all,

We’re happy to announce the release of GlobaLeaks 2.60.65 [1] with major

Focus of this release has been on the internationalization of the
platform, tons of bug-fixes and architectural refactoring to accommodate
upcoming JS end-to-end encryption support.

All source texts has been revised, various translation has been
completed and new translation has been added so that the platform now
includes support for the following new languages: Albanian, Bosnian,
Bulgarian, Kurdish, Persian, Russian, Slovenian, Welsh.

We would like to thank all the volunteers that contributed to this
release and SecondMuse and the Localization Lab [2] that hosted a
translation sprint inside the Circumvention Tech Festival in Valencia [3].

For the information about the internationalization of GlobaLeaks please
refer to the Transifex page [4].

The release includes also a large set of improvements and bugfixing:
- Improved File Uploader by means of Flow.js
- Implement Submission flood protection based on human captchas
- Improve anomaly detection and admin notification
- Implement Tips expiration notification for Receivers
- Disable SSL in favor of TLS on SMTP notifications
- Minor UI Fixes
- Apply bulk code and API cleanup

In addition many bugfixes have been done for the new “Integrated Mode”
use of GlobaLeaks [5].

For the complete list of closed tickets please refer to the CHANGELOG [6].

Major news related to GlobaLeaks project use and deployment as as follow:
- Deployment of OCCRPLeaks in Bosnia [7]
- Deployment of MexicoLeaks in Mexico [8]
- Partnership with Transparency International Philippines for National
Anticorruption initiative [9]
- Deployment of NieuwsLeaks in Belgium [10]

[1] https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks
[2] http://www.localizationlab.org/
[3] https://openitp.org/festival/circumvention-tech-festival.html
[4] https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/globaleaks/
[5] https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/wiki/Integration-Guide
[6] https://github.com/globaleaks/GlobaLeaks/blob/master/CHANGELOG
[7] https://occrp.org/occrpleaks
[8] https://mexicoleaks.mx/

[10] http://nieuws.vtm.be/nieuwsleaks

Giovanni Pellerano - Founding Member
HERMES - Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
http://logioshermes.org - https://globaleaks.org - https://tor2web.org -

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