[tor-talk] 276 seized onion addresses from Operation Onymous identified - most are scam or clone sites

Nik Cubrilovic nikcub at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 08:46:35 UTC 2014

On Wednesday, 19 November 2014, IGNACIO GAGO PADRENY <igago at ucm.es> wrote:

> So it wasn't a DDoS attack? They just did it reverse style, instead of
> .onion->ip, they did ip-> .onion?
I'll have another post up about that soon, hopefully by early next week. We
have been speaking to a number of the administrators of seized sites to
work out what they had in common and what lead to them being discovered (on
that note, if you were or are the admin of a site that was seized and
haven't spoken to us yet, please get in touch - email, PGP and other
contact details are at https://www.nikcub.com/contact).

A large number of seized sites were IP -> onion,  some were onion -> IP,
but the method involved isn't a new groundbreaking Tor break or something
that can't be fixed with better documentation and awareness.

Apologies for being vague and teasing out the details, but want to be
certain before freaking people out or reassuring them.

If you're interested in details etc. as they come about follow along on



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