[tor-talk] "Hidden Services" vs "Onion services"

Paolo Cardullo kiddinthecity at aol.com
Mon Nov 17 01:53:51 UTC 2014

On 15/11/14 23:44, Katya Titov wrote:
> I agree with everything you said, but the big issue I see is that the
> media is already using the term 'dark', and my impression is that once
> they think they are on to a good thing they will stick with it. It's
> hard to change these things. Think "hacker" -- the original term is
> lost to the greater public.
> I would be *very* happy to be proven wrong!

'Negro' was an accepted term till the Civil Rights Movement made it
queer, now no media outlet can use it any more. You are right that it
takes time, but this is not impossible.

A practical action I suggest is to start from the wiki on the Tor
blog/site. Something along the line: 'onion space/web/whatever' (what
media normally call 'darkweb') or a more clearer statement such: 'we do
not condone the use of 'darkweb' because...'

The battle on the name 'hacker' is also open, in my view. see for
instance this paper:

Alleyne, Brian. 2011. “We are all hackers now”:
critical sociological reflections on the hacking phenomenon.
_ Under Review, pp. 1-32. [Article] : Goldsmiths Research Online.


Paolo Cardullo

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