[tor-talk] "Hidden Services" vs "Onion services"

I beatthebastards at inbox.com
Sun Nov 16 00:45:47 UTC 2014

Katya, and all,

SOOOOooooo why don't we use sensible, plain language and stick to it to distuingish ourselves from them?
Hacker wouldn't have the currency it has if a large part of the pudgy, pizza-eating photophobes didn't perpetuate it for dramatic self-interest.


>> I think the use of 'dark' is not neutral and it hides a moral
>> geography of the Net, which might appeal to some of the 'insiders'
>> too. I also think that the anti-terrorism, anti-immigrants,
>> anti-whatever symbols (all 'dark' of course) are serious attacks to
>> Internet freedom too.
> Thanks Paolo.
> I agree with everything you said, but the big issue I see is that the
> media is already using the term 'dark', and my impression is that once
> they think they are on to a good thing they will stick with it. It's
> hard to change these things. Think "hacker" -- the original term is
> lost to the greater public.
> I would be *very* happy to be proven wrong!
> --
> kat

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