[tor-talk] So much for using ixquick and Startpage: Now broken w/Tor

l.m ter.one.leeboi at hush.com
Sun Nov 9 17:51:46 UTC 2014

I understand. No one wants to do that. But they do because that's the 
only solution. Changing identities shouldn't lessen anonymity for 
https://startpage. I say shouldn't because depending on how you use
the  new identity feature it's possible to have existing connections
still  open on your old circuit. If these connections are for
ad-related  services and you open a new connection to a site which
uses those ad  related services then you've potentially just leaked
your identity  change. Old circuits aren't closed immediately. I
digress. As far as  startpage/ixquick is concerned though it really is
'just try a new  identity' for accessing the search page. The
access-by-proxy links  presented will expire eventually forcing you to
search again. If you're  really desperate because the new identity
feature isn't working maybe  there's something wrong with your
consensus. If you're using TBB close  it, delete the folder, unpack
from the download, try again.

Otherwise  how would you propose to fix it? Suppose startpage/Tor work
together  for a fix. How would you envision such a fix to work? A
major goal of  Tor is to make you look no different than any other.
Including making sure you're not the only one using nodes. If you're
no  different than any other how do you prove you're not the one
abusing startpage search? Maybe there's no abuse and it's just many
people trying to use startpage through that exit. If you were the only
one  using an exit that would less anonymity.

--leeroy bearr

On 11/8/2014 at 2:00 PM, "Soul Plane"  wrote:On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at
10:44 AM, l.m  wrote:

> It's not broken. They explain clearly that the concurrent use of
> ixquick/startpage by multiple Tor users at a given exit relay can
> trigger automated abuse blocking. They're right. It could be abuse.
> The same reason Google does it. Why is this a surprise? The problem
> with Google is the connection sometimes 'spills' over to new
> which puts you into an infinite loop of entering captchas. This
> Google just block some exit relays entirely for a time because of
> repeated failed captchas. Google really wants to make money so if
> set a cookie for one of your circuits, and ask for a captcha, which
> then 'spills' to a new circuit, and you just choose a new
> identity--well it shouldn't be a surprise they decide to block a
> exits for lost revenue. Just try your search on startpage/ixquick
> a new identity.

Thanks, I know I can do that but I don't want to do that. Their help
says  "Both Ixquick and StartPage are compatible with Tor, although
use of
VPNs and Proxy services (including Tor) may occasionally trigger our
anti-abuse mechanisms. If so, you will temporarily be presented with a
small warning message, or a request to complete a CAPTCHA before
with your search." [1]

I didn't get captchas and the warning didn't go away. So it seems
It's a block unless you change identities until you get one that
works. If
you have to repeatedly change identities doesn't that do something to
lessen anonymity?

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