[tor-talk] Tor and Anonymous browsing etc.

Notenlightened tribulationus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 19:17:10 UTC 2014

oh i see. Stupid thing to ask.. sorry. Im going to uninstall and start
all over.  I can research how to do what i want. Thank u so much. What
are your opinions of peer blocks and such?

On 11/7/14, Derric Atzrott <datzrott at alizeepathology.com> wrote:
>> Thank you so much Derric. You explained very well. I have Tor Browser
>> and The Onion program.  Anything i need to do to the settings on
>> either of those?? Do i need anything else? Final question, what do you
>> recommend for downloading movies,music etc?? I download alot lol. I
>> like sites with lots of options. Fast, secure, etc..
> The Onion program?  You should just need the Tor Browser Bundle.  You
> didn't download something else separate did you?
> You should not change the default settings in the Tor Browser Bundle
> unless you understand the implications of the setting you are
> changing.  You should not need any other software if you want to
> browse the web anonymously, provided you follow the suggestions in
> my previous email, the suggestions on the Tor website, and generally
> just be careful.
> I will just ignore your last question.  I'm not going to help you
> break the law, even if it's a stupid one I disagree with.
> Thank you,
> Derric Atzrott
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