[tor-talk] Tor and Anonymous browsing etc.

Notenlightened tribulationus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:54:47 UTC 2014

hi derric.  Im wanting to download(torrents and programs) and browse
whatever i want Annonymously. I have Tor Browsr but all the
intructions lead me to download after download. I realize its
important but its so confusing. Codes, tails, onions lol, blockers,
HTTL, IP addresses, bandwidth, open this before u open this, keep
refreshing this and that. Whew! Its a headache. Im mid level computer
lit. Lol.

On 11/7/14, Derric Atzrott <datzrott at alizeepathology.com> wrote:
>> hi. I recently heard about all these Tor Browsers and Anonymous file
>> sharing etc.. Im soo confused. I dont think I have the patience to
>> dload another darn protection, IP blocker etc. Any advice? I need this
>> dumbed down for me lol. Codes, this and that gives me a headache. I
>> realize it takes many things to stay hidden but jeeze. Someone please
>> help. :)
> Hello Notenlightened,
> Are you just looking for a general introduction to Tor, how it works,
> and how to use it?
> Or did you have any specific questions in mind.  We'd be happy to help
> you.
> Thank you,
> Derric Atzrott
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