[tor-talk] Facebook brute forcing hidden services

Öyvind Saether oyvinds at everdot.org
Sat Nov 1 23:14:27 UTC 2014

> By using Facebook as a hidden service at least it is clearly a matter
> of what I choose to tell Facebook and I don't have to worry about
> someone else spying on the traffic.  I agree that in the end that
> boils down to if you trust Facebook or not :)

My main problem with Facebook is that it is NOT a matter of what YOU
choose to tell or not to tell Facebook, it is a matter of making sure
none of your friends post pictures with you in them and tag your face
so in-q-tel/CIA/NSA have you in the face recognition database.

"Just don't use Facebook" helps but is in itself not a solution.

As for their new hidden service: What a great way to get a big list of
everyone who is using Tor along with their real names and what version
of the Tor Browser Bundle they are using.

And do not fall for their "it is for people in oppressive regimes" BS
story, NATO countries like Norway torture people who say things the
government does not like all the time. West is good at producing
propaganda and pretending it is only "those other guys" doing this so
the majority of people in the "free world" don't know. This does not
mean that pretending it is not going on until you find out it is the
hard way is ideal. Nobody who speaks out against their government, talk
about false-flag terror or just have that today rare quality called
"ability to think" should be using Facebook period.
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