[tor-talk] facebookcorewwwi cdn (Was: ...

Alec Muffett alecm at fb.com
Sat Nov 1 21:47:31 UTC 2014

Hi Colin!

Long story short: browser-side CDN onion translation is probably wasted effort to attempt right now and may-or-may-not be viable long term.

This is partly because of impending experimentation/improvements - this is a moving target - plus also that paths like /foo/bar.jpg will likely mean different things to OnionCDN vs: NormalCDN; the former sometimes needs different magic path stuff so that it can function.

The CoreWWWi URI paths we currently intend to keep 1:1 mapped to the rest of Facebook, but "under the hood" (CDN, etc) I would hate to make any promises.

Hope this helps.


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