[tor-talk] Safer Anonymous Operating System Guide

Tempest tempest at bitmessage.ch
Fri Mar 28 19:07:00 UTC 2014

version 0.6.2 of the "Beginner Friendly Comprehensive Guide to
Installing and Using a Safer Anonymous Operating System" is now online.

the guide covers the following:

- installing debian on a luks encrypted usb drive, or on a luks
encrypted hd partition to be unlocked with a usb boot key.

- installing virtualbox and whonix

- installing, configuring and using tor browser, keepassx, xchat,
pidgin+otr and icedove+torbirdy+enigmail.

in order to meet the goal of making this information easy to follow by
novice users, a screen shot has been provided for almost every step.

a user editable wiki is available at the following urls:


a static uneditable version is available at

pdf versions are also available on each of the pages.

feedback and contributions welcome.

gpg key - 0x2A49578A7291BB34
fingerprint - 63C4 E106 AC6A 5F2F DDB2 3840 2A49 578A 7291 BB34

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